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Cross is a global remittance service that is more secure, fast, and cost-effective than existing services.

Why spend so much time and money,
Just to send money?

Cross was created to make global remittance easier for everyone.
Cross now, and send more across the world.

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What Is Cross

Cross is a global remittance service that is as easy as making bank deposits.
It sends money at high speed and low cost to friends, family, and loved ones overseas with the highest security.

Cross is a trustworthy service that is licensed by the government in compliance with the newly amended Foreign Exchange Act.
Your money is safe with us.

How Cross Works

Our cheap fees and fast transfers are enabled by replacing intermediaries with cutting-edge financial infrastructure technology.

  • 기존 송금 방식

    Traditional remittance

  • 크로스 송금 방식


How to use Cross

Learn about Cross's remittance by each country serviced.

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Transfer limit

  • • Minimum per transaction {$ countryInfo.currentPlatform.remit_range_type === 'krw_amount' ? countryInfo.currentPlatform.min_remit : countryInfo.currentPlatform.min_receive_amount |_won $} {$ countryInfo.currentPlatform.remit_range_type === 'krw_amount' ? 'KRW' : countryInfo.currency $}
  • • Maximum per transaction {$ countryInfo.currentPlatform.remit_range_type === 'krw_amount' ? countryInfo.currentPlatform.max_remit : countryInfo.currentPlatform.max_receive_amount |_won $} {$ countryInfo.currentPlatform.remit_range_type === 'krw_amount' ? 'KRW' : countryInfo.currency $}
  • • Daily limit 10,000,000 KRW (Accumulated)
  • • Yearly limit 50,000 USD (Accumulated)

Transfer fee

  • • {$ selectedFeeMaxPercentage $}%
  • • Min {$ countryInfo.currentPlatform.base_fee|_won $} KRW
  • • Fixed fee of KRW {$ countryInfo.currentPlatform.base_fee|_won $}

How to deposit money

Deposit process

①  When remittance is requested,
     a virtual account is issued under the user's name.
②  Deposit the correct amount to the issued virtual account.
Caution) If the deposit amount is not exact, the money will not be sent.


1) Make sure the deposit was made through the registered bank account
2) Double check the correctness of the sending amount
3) Double check the correctness of the virtual account number
4) An error may occur if an ATM is used to make the deposit
5) Please use the internet/mobile banking service of the verified bank account to make the deposit (no third-party apps)
6) Deposits cannot be processed in the following cases:
- Deposits made after 2 hours since requesting
- Deposits that exceed the remittance amount
- System maintenance at banks:
   (Everyday) 23:15~00:30 / However, (Sat) 23:15 ~ (Sun) 04:30

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