Dispute Resolution

Part 1. Overview

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of this dispute resolution document is in accordance to Article 15 of Terms of Use for Small Sum Foreign Currency Transactions (hereafter "Terms of Use for SSFCT") or Article 23 of Cross Shop Terms and Conditions, which is to resolve justifiable dissatisfactions or implement opinions of customers, and to define the process and operate compensation for any damages occurred.

Article 2. Definition

  1. "Company" indicates CROSS ENF INC.
  2. "Customer" indicates users of CROSS ENF INC.'s service.
  3. "Service" indicates CROSS ENF INC.'s small sum foreign currency transaction service or e-commerce service.
  4. "Customer complaint" indicates all discomfort occurred to the user while using the service, whether justifiable or general complaints.
  5. "Dispute" indicates dissent raised by the customer during the execution of the small sum foreign currency transaction.
  6. "Compensation for damages" indicates the compensation the Company gives to customer for any damages occurred to the customer due to the Company's liability.

Part 2. Procedure of Customer Complaint Processing

Article 3. Procedure of Customer Complaint Processing

  1. Person-in-charge for processing customer complaints:

    Reception of "customer complaints" and their processing are designated to each Regional Managers of respective markets in the CS Team.

  2. Customer complaints processing procedure
    • ①   Reception of customer complaints: "Customers" may input "customer complaints" to the "company's" CS Team hotline in each of the respective phone numbers below according to language during working hours:

      Customer Service: +82 1670 2724

    • ②  Reception of customer complaints: "customer complaints" Regional Managers in the CS Team receive that are within their level of information security authority shall be processed through the account of webserver managers. However, when certain "customer complaints" are beyond their authority, the CTO who has full system authority shall process them.
    • ③  Response regarding processing result of customer complaints: Regional Manager in charge of the relevant "customer complaint" shall convey the response regarding the reception result to the user with complaint via written notice or electronic methods, of which when the user receives the result, the customer complaint case shall be deemed closed.

Part 3. Dispute Resolution

Article 4. Dispute Resolution Committee

  1. Purpose of Dispute Resolution Committee

    In accordance to Clause 3 of Article 15 in CROSS ENF INC.'s Terms of Use for FSSCT or Clause 1 of Article 23 in Cross Shop Terms and Conditions, the committee holds the purpose of investigating and resolving a "dispute" of a user.

  2. Members of Dispute Resolution Committee

    Dispute Resolution Committee of CROSS ENF INC. shall be formed by CEO, Manager and Chief Information Security Officer.

  3. Chairman of committee: CEO Wonhee Shin
  4. Person-in-charge of dispute resolution: Manager FATAMI HOLLY PHILLYA (Contact: +82 2-6275-4121)

Article 5. Procedure of Dispute Resolution & Damage Compensation Processing

[CROSS ENF INC. Dispute Resolution Procedure]

  1. Request for Initiation & Processing of Dispute

    Dispute from personal information security breach can be requested personally or through representative via website, mail, fax, office visit, consultation on personal information breach, during case processing, etc. When dispute case is received, reception is conveyed to requester.

  2. Factual Investigation for Dispute Case

    Person-in-charge of dispute resolution shall execute factual investigation regarding the dispute case by collecting information via phone, mail, electronic mail, fax, and other various methods. When complete, an investigation report for the dispute case shall be made based on the information collected, and conveyed to the committee.

  3. Proposal for Agreement Prior to Resolution

    CROSS ENF INC. Dispute Resolution Committee can propose an agreement prior to the dispute resolution procedure based on mutual consent. Case is deemed closed when all parties reach an agreement.

  4. Initiation of Resolution Procedure by Dispute Resolution Committee

    Resolution procedure is initiated when no agreement is met prior to the resolution procedure. When initiated, required processes such as the recording of user's testimony, factual investigation, professional advisory, etc. shall be conducted in order to propose a mutually rational resolution proposal for agreement, during which the case user may take seat in the committee to advocate his/her opinion. When during the procedure due to agreement being met or any other reason the resolution process is no longer deemed needed, the requester may withdraw the dispute resolution request.

  5. Resolution of Dispute and Effective date

    Upon the agreement by the requester regarding the final resolution, CROSS ENF INC.'s dispute resolution committee deems the case equal to an agreement under Civil court in accordance to the content of the dispute resolution.

  6. Damage Compensation

    "Company" shall process the damage compensation to the requester under Article 13 of CROSS ENF INC.'s Terms of Use for FSSCT or Articles 13-2, 17-7, 18-3 in Cross Shop Terms and Conditions under the content of the dispute resolution agreement, which is deemed equal to agreement under Civil court.

  7. Reporting of Dispute Resolution Result

    CROSS ENF INC.'s Dispute Resolution Committee shall report to the requester via written notice or own choice of electronic methods regarding the result of the dispute resolution. Case shall be deemed closed at the point of the result report sent, which shall be within thirty (30) days of the dispute resolution agreement. However, if it is difficult to process within the prescribed time due to unavoidable reasons, the deadline for processing can be extended and the applicant must be notified of the extension reason and the due date.