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Sending amount

Daily limit 3,000,000 KRW

REAL receiving amount

{$ remit.remitCountryInfo.unit $}
Cross rate(₩/{$ remit.remitCountryInfo.rate_unit $})

Cross   {$ remit.remitCountryInfo.crossRate |_rate $}

Transfer fee

{$ remit.crossFee | _won $}  

* Fees are included in the sending amount and there is no additional fee.

Cross-border transfers as easy as making bank deposits's

  • Minimized fees


    Get the fairest pricing
    No more hidden fees
    Pay 1% of the total transaction

  • Fast transfers


    By removing intermediaries
    We are much faster
    From start to finish.

  • Bulletproof security


    Your money is always safe
    Our technology is unhackable
    Trust our fully regulated service

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  • David Villanueva

    Nakita ko lang sa Facebook yung promo nila tapos sinubukan kong magpadala. Nagulat ako sa sobrang bilis at easy to use na service nila! Thank you Cross!

  • 優作

    日本にいる両親に送金をよくしているうちに、友達が教えてくれてcrossを使ってみました。 これからもこのような技術がもっと発展するのを期待しています。

  • 신*상 님

    필리핀에서 사업해서 그날그날 송금할 일이 많은데 주변해서 크로스를 추천해주더라고요. 혹시나 싶어 20만원 보내보고 또 200 보내봤는데 되는거 확인하고 그날 이후 꾸준히 이용하고 있습니다.

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