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{$ remit.crossRate |_rate $} KRW = {$ remit.remitCountryInfo.rate_currency $}

Cross rate :

{$ remit.crossRate |_rate $} KRW = {$ remit.remitCountryInfo.rate_currency $}

{$ remit.crossFee |_won $} KRW fee included

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We value every penny you send with us

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With CROSS, what you see in the receiving amount is what you get! No hidden fees applied in all transactions.

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Want to send anytime, anywhere fast? Use Cross Wallet! Keep enough balance in your wallet and your remittance will be completed within a second.

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'One-click' accounts will save you even more time. We will store all your favorite recipients' info so you can use them next time.


Easy access to remittance history

We like to make your Cross experience smooth and convenient. Touch the icon in the Home screen to see the status of your pending transactions.

You can send to these countries using CROSS

{$ rc.currency $} {$ rc.rate_currency $} {$ $root.getServiceRate(rc.rate_key) |_rate $} KRW

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2018 . 08

Licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance

2018 . 10

Official launch of CROSS Remittance Service

2018 . 11

Official introduction to RippleNet

2018 . 12

Partnered with Thailand's SCB Bank and Vietin Bank


2019 . 04

Partnered with Sri Lanka's CBC Bank

2019 . 11

Awarded with Ripple's Customer Impact Award


2020 . 12

Achieved a milestone of over 400,000 total overseas remittances

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