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Cross is the safest fintech remittance service that sends money all across the world. Start Crossing now for easier and cheaper remittances.

Cross is licensed by the government and approved by financial institutions for its security.

Verification and membership termination

You need a mobile phone to complete your ID verification. The service is unavailable for those without a mobile under his or her name.

Bank account registration must be done after mobile verification, and only the user's own bank account may be used. Also, if one of the ①bank name ②account number ③account holder has information that does not match, registration cannot happen. If you are unable to register due to other reasons, please contact our support center.

Account termination can be done at [My Page] > [Account management] > [Terminate account].

ID document verification processing time varies according to daily request volume, and it will take up to 1 business day.

Only one bank account under the user's own name can be registered.
The registered bank account can be changed at [My Page] > [Verification settings] > [Reset all verification].


A remittance cannot be cancelled after making the final deposit. Please always check all the necessary information before making the final request.

Cross's refund policies are as follows.

① After the final deposit is made, a transaction cannot be canceled due to a change of mind.

② A transaction will be canceled only when it cannot be processed due to incorrect information.

③ If a transaction is canceled due to incorrect information, the sending amount minus the fees will be returned to the sender's account in 3 business days (for both Korea and receiving country).

④ If the cash pick-up remittance money is not picked up after 30 days, the transaction will be canceled and the sending amount minus the fees will be returned to the sender's account in 3 business days (for both Korea and receiving country).

⑤ In case that the transaction cannot be completed by company's reason, remittance amount and transaction fee will be refuned to sender's bank account within 3 business days on Korea and local time.

Transfer limit is 10,000,000 KRW per day, and 50,000 USD per year.

Transfer limit remains the same even after re-registering.

Cross's conversion rates change in real-time.
Please try to submit your remittance request immediately after checking the rates.

[Login] > [Reset Log-in Password] > And then enter the mobile number registered during account sign-up.

The service is available 24 hours except bank maintenance hours (23:30pm ~ 00:30am).

Cross is optimized for Google Chrome browser. Other browsers(e.g. Internet Explorer) may face difficulties.
Please download Google Chrome browser from the link below for better user experience.


① Click [My Page] at the top right corner of homepage
② Enter voucher code at [Register voucher] at the bottom center.

Cross Rewards currently include Cross Points (P) and Cross Money (CM) which carry the same value as 1 KRW.
Points (P) can be used as discount for the service charge and Cross Money (CM) can be used as discount in the sending amount in KRW.

*Please take note that all Cross Rewards are valid based on the issue date, and will not be available once expired.

1. First-time Registration

All new registrants will automatically get both 5,000 Points and 5,000 Cross Money.

2. Recommendation Reward

After registration, the recomender will get 10,000 P or 5,000 CM and the new registrant will get 10,000 P. (This feature is only available in the Cross app.)

3. Total Remittance Reward

Send more money, get more rewards! (You can only get each one time.)

① Send 500,000 KRW, get 3,000 Points.

② Send 2,000,000 KRW, get 5,000 Points.

③ Send 5,000,000 KRW, get 10,000 Points.

4. Special Events

Join our different events and you can easily get more Points and Cross Money!

Cross Wallet

• This new feature from Cross lets you deposit funds in advance to your “wallet” so you can send money anytime and anywhere!

• Once you set your refund account to your Cross Wallet, you can instantly request transactions again.

• Complete all required information and verification steps.

• Web: Click this link to create your Cross Wallet.

• App: Go to [My Info] > [My Cross Wallet] > Click [Create]

• Important: set a Payment PIN. You will use this everytime you send money using your Wallet.

• Make sure to use the bank account you registered with Cross.

• Transfer money to the account number found in [My Cross Wallet]

• There is no amount limit for your Wallet! Transfer as much as you want and we will keep it safe until your next transactions.

• Send money to a new recipient > [Transfer Method] > Choose [Cross Wallet]

• Complete the receiver's details, then enter your Payment PIN to finish request.

• In case of refund or cancellation, your money will be refunded straight back to your Cross Wallet.

• Web: Click this link to proceed with [Request Withdrawal]

• App: [My Info] > [My Cross Wallet] > Proceed with [Request Withdrawal]

• Withdrawals will take up to 1 business day.

• Withdrawals are limited to max. 6,000,000 KRW per day, and if you have a balance below 5,000 KRW your entire remaining balance will be withdrawn.

• If you wish to cancel a withdrawal request, please contact our Customer Support.